Love your vaj!

 I was reading a copy of ‘Company’ magazine when I came across an advert for ‘FemFresh’ intimate wash, (unfortunately I couldn’t provide a pic for it), but I thought it was absolutely awesome! It is so blunt and bang on and it was interesting to see advertisers put that kinda message out there for women. If you go on the link you can see the pic of the advert they’re using.

You may also discover the various names that ‘it’ can be referred to; I learned a few new names myself….

As I was trying to search for a copy of the advert picture to use in this post, I came across this picture, (see above), instead. LOL! I had no idea that there were such products available!

I haven’t been able to get my hands on the ‘FemFresh’, (something that’s going on the next shopping list), but I am compensating by switching my undies from knickers to the pant like version of male boxers to show that I love my vaj. They’re comfortable, loose, less irritable and let my vaj actually breathe, instead of having knickers on which feel like I’ve got a toilet plunger between my legs to model a ‘camel toe’!!

So ladies make the switch from knickers to boxers today and sample some of this amazingly advertised ‘FemFresh’!


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