Unlocking your subconscious vocab

Image by jah~ via Flickr

I was sitting here struggling what to write and then the memory of one of the dreams I had came back to me. I can’t remember the exact date of when the dream occured but who does? It’s not something everyone can do…. I know it happened within the drama of me going in and out of A and E and everything.

Anyway, there I was laying on one of those examination beds in a neurologist’s office and he’s performing an MRI scan on my head. The loud buzzing and humming of the machine is going, then I hear the consultant say “Ah that’s what’s happened”. He stops the machine (when it’s supposed to last for about 20mins), pulls me out and sits me up to look at his computer screen. The illustration on the monitor is something a very young child would draw; it had a black background and outlined in white was a open skull head with what could only be described as the skeletons of fish (without their head and tail), dotted around within the ‘open head’. Some of them were yellow lined and others were orange lined.

He points in a doctor consultant-esque way with his pen to the monitor and says “..there, you’re missing your ‘Cantouse’…”

I remember waking the next morning intrigued by his dream and telling my mother-in-law about it and decided to Google it in anticipation of what it meant, if anything. The search list came up with what seemed to be spanish links to some sites and I clicked on them and found that the language on these sites was Galician. So I use the Google Translator to find out what ‘Cantouse’ was from Galician to English and I think it means ‘sang’ or ‘sing’.

Weird…. This was a word that I had never heard or seen before (to my recollection) and yet I managed to conjure it up in a dream of mine. I supposed in a way my body is ‘out of tune’ with what’s going on with my head at the moment but I’m still able to sing (I think) lol.

Have you ever managed to discover words that you never knew before?


Thanks for reading :) Over to you....

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