Would YOU eat this?

Appetizing isn’t it? A bowl of thick green sludge… My daughter eats it and it tastes yummy!

No, it’s not a copious amount of thickened nose mucus; it is a baby bowl full of carrot and pea puree, courtesy of one Annabel Karmel recipes found in her book “Complete baby and toddler meal planner”

Are you struggling to find variety in your babies meals? Want a bit more nutritional info about what food to give your baby? Finding jared food a bit expensive? Then get yourselves this book. It’s a bit pricey at £15 (probably cheaper online and don’t know what the $ equivalent is) but it’s worth investing in

This book has helped me enormously because it helps my culinary skills (which aren’t very good so thank god the end result can be pureed 🙂 ), I know exactly what’s going into my baby’s food, it’s cheaper than buying jars of food and offers a variety of meals for different days so I’m not stuck of what to give her and when as it’s laid out in timetables for me. Plus, you can make large amounts of the meals and freeze them in suitable portions for your bubba so whenthe necessary mealtime comes round you can heat up the food in short time and serve.


                      Mummies-1                        Culinary challenges of parenthood-0


Thanks for reading :) Over to you....

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