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There’s around 500 million people in the world who have a “FB” account so it’s more than likely that someone you know, or even yourself, have fallen victim to the urge of writing a really bitchy, abusive or soppy status on the infamous site.

Now I’m not saying that people shouldn’t ever express their love or happiness for something/someone in their lives or just have a rant because they need to. The point I’m trying to make is that those people who always do it are just excruciatingly annoying! I, for one, find myself yelling at the screen or even shaking it in anger saying “WHY??!!” or letting out a rather large *SIGH*. For me personally it dampens my respect for those people because it doesn’t make them look very good, particularly when there’s mothers-to-be swearing all over the page and I find myself thinking, (rather sarcastically), “Nice!”. Then you find yourself in the a public arena spectating this argument – it’s like an around-the-clock Jeremy Kyle show. To be fair, it’s just as public and more cost effective than travelling all the way to a studio in Manchester. Perhaps FB should consider a “JK Button” for FaceBookers to use when they witness stupid aruguments which would then activate Jezza’s famous catchphrases to make them all shut up….or enrage them more…. It’s interesting that we have the nerve and courage to say what we think with online but can’t really say it face-to-face.

The trump of all status types has got to be, without a doubt, when people write something to make it blaintantly obvious they’re unhappy and when they receive responses they say things like, “…it doesn’t matter..” or “…don’t worry about it…”. Hello! It does matter otherwise you wouldn’t be telling everyone about it  – MORON!!

Oh yeah, there’s also the case where people are telling ‘secrets’ or things they don’t really want everyone to know on their statuses/in public comments to other people and then get upset when people (in real life) approach them about it. IF YOU DIDN’T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW, THEN WHY PUT IT ON FACEBOOK??!!

And finally, the people who write statuses aimed at the people they are sitting next to/infront of. Oh. My. GOD!! What is wrong with these people??!! Have we become that lazy and so technologically dependant that we can’t even be bothered to hold a conversation with our mouths anymore as well as our fingers? I find it odd where I’ve witnessed statuses such as “(person), make me a cup of tea” for example because, if that person isn’t logged onto FB then they won’t receive the request so therefore, is the person requesting the beverage just going to sit there like a zombie waiting for the tea. Or how about YOU USE THOSE LEGS AND MAKE IT YOURSELF!!


Thanks for reading :) Over to you....

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