Are you a playstation ‘widow’?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan of game consoles being a happy owner of a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii, (wwwwweeeeee, yeah, anyway). There is surely, however, a limit as to how far you should indulge in these things right? Well evidently for my other half, (my worse half some would say ;p), it is limitless and HUGELY frustrating for me

Orginally I classed myself as a ‘football’ widow as he would play football pretty much every day after work and all evening on Sunday so I didn’t see him that much, but now he has suffered injuries on his knee and his shoulder as part of copious amounts of playing the game and therefore only plays on Sundays.

Negatively though he’s using the PS3, (more specifically ‘COD: BO’ Call of Duty: Black Ops) to get his daily fix and I don’t get a look in! He’s even co-ercing our daughter into it by placing her on his lap as part of spending time with her . Kaitlyn is only 6 months old and at this rate her first words will be “f**k off!” ,(thanks to the friendly banter you receive on the playstation network when playing multiplayer,) and she’ll want to go round shooting and stabbing people as part of her playing activities.

I feel so enraged sometimes, I just want to go all ‘HULK’ on him and smash up the tele or pick up the Playstation and lob it at his head just to release him from the hypnotic trance the game has him fixated on, subconsciously telling his body to leave his mouth agape so he can catch flies. He very rarely blinks as well when he’s playing  as well….

Today alone he’s been COD BO-ing since about 9:30 this morning, occasionally stopping for neccessities such as eating, drinking and meditating on the loo in his ‘sanctuary’ as we name it for him.

So while he’s gaming, what does ol’ muggins do?? Urm, pay attention and tend to our daughter, sort out dinner, tidy up the bedroom, all that kinda stuff and he hardly notices me. Every now and again I’ll get a little stroke/pat on the head and be asked if I’m alright and that’s about all I get from him. I could be walking around in my birthday suir, or jump on him or even fart in his face and he wouldn’t stop playing. The only thing that would entice him off it is if I let him enter a certain orefice he’s very keen to visit…………No Chance!!


3 responses to “Are you a playstation ‘widow’?

  • zinep

    Wow — that sounds like a keg of gunpowder waiting to go off..

    Get yourself immersed in a game on the PS3, and force him to do the family chores while you play games. (Just as a one-week experiment; but without explicitly telling him). Some people need to be on the other side fence for a while in order to “get it” (and I’m not referring to you).

    Not that I think the experiment would work; I’d guess that your instincts to do the right thing would kick in, and his “I need my Black Ops fix!” will kick into overdrive.

    If you need to be cheered up temporarily, search youtube for clips of women smashing their boyfriends’ consoles. (But I don’t recommend that course of action; it would be like taking heroin from an addict.. The results would likely by volatile and very unpredictable). Though perhaps bookmark a few of those clips and make sure he “accidentally” finds and opens them. 🙂

  • Skippy

    just kick him in the nads

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